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Nectar is an erotic anthology of delicious, nourishing naughtiness, where each comic has at least one trans femme or non binary main character. For those thirsty for their own resplendent romances, flavoured with that juicy smut flavour our previous anthologies are known for.

        Our theme is Drink of the Divine. Refreshing interpretations of sublime spirits, indulgence in heavenly hedonism, and tales of frisky folklore and femmelore from the world over.

        This collection is a refreshing cocktail of different experiences on the trans femme and non binary spectrum (and beyond!),  with content warnings before each story to help the reader decide if it’s to their taste, and at least one own voice contributor on each team.

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Story details

The stories are a mix of smutty, sweet and silly, with romantic arcs that twist your heart, and sexual situations of all types of stimulation.

Below are descriptions of some of our stories plus some preview artwork to give you a taste of our table of offerings!

(Final artwork  absolutely won't be censored in the book.)

Yui has been unable to find a hajitiya willing to provide the hand tattoos that signify her coming-of-age from child to adult woman. In despair she prays to the sea, not expecting the spirit to answer back...Written by Asahina Nakama & art by Tab Kimpton

Long distance partners meet and get busy under the aurora borealis, though one must be careful as Icelandic Fey Elves are very good at tempting locals into staying in their realm forever. Written by Atla Hrafney & art by Ariel Vittori

A squire stumbles upon a witch bathing in a stream and realises the person who she has been told is an enemy, is instead living the body and life she wishes she could have. Unfortunately, the squire’s master sees only a witch to be slain… With Christianne Benedict

Two Galli Priests drink a hydria filled with delicious but strange smelling wine (because they’re idiots) and the love making that follows is… transformative to say the least. Written by Emily R Riesbeck and art by Dominique Duong

A monk who struggles to fit in with their brothers has an ecstatic vision, in which an angel bestows unto them an important mission, and the great depth of God's love. With G C Houle

Sculptor Galatea has been tasked to craft her girlfriend, Narcissa, the perfect vagina. Can their other girlfriend, Medusa, help with her nerves? Written by Harry-Anne Bentley with art by Phineas Klier

Distracted by intrusive thoughts, Queen Poseidon descends into the sea where she is embraced by and is submissive to her lover, a sea witch. Written by Jaylee Warren and art by Kori Michele

Princex Tegan is followed by the shadow of their curse, a deer monster known as Tox. The nectar of the anemone flower keeps them safe, but will a passing Prince be able to look beyond what the townspeople say about them? Written by Jonathan W. Thurston-Torres and Art by G Romero-Johnson

An artist summons a muse for a life drawing session, but some of the poses are much harder to hold than others… Written by Michelle Parker and Art by Jey Pawlik

The Four Seasons bar is special, serving cocktails that show a taste of your future, if you’re brave enough to take a sip. Written by Mx Andromeda Star & Art by Alina Wahab

A pair of warriors compete in a series of trials, hoping to win favour and a night with a goddess. However the true test comes as they challenge the line between rival and romance. With our cover artist NJ Barna

Long distance lovers Roux and Rain, can only see each other once a year when the Over and Underworlds get together for a grand one night long celebration. They move heaven and earth to slow time down and bask in each other while they can. With Raysdrawlings

Maimará dreams of meeting the beautiful deity of corn Mama Sorca who has been her town's symbol of prosperity, fertility and harvest for centuries; only revealing themselves to humans at the fall festival in May. Written by Reinapepiada & Art by Fanfi

Farmer Slate wants to help his partner, Priestess Aspen, to clean up the village temple, but they get swept up in memories of their first kiss. With Yhasmin W

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TagsComics, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, mythology, Queer, Romance, Transgender


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