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Ambrosia is an erotic anthology of delicious, nourishing naughtiness, where each comic has at least one trans masculine or non binary main character.

Our theme is Food of the Gods: Sixteen smutty stories of indulgent deities and euphoric adventures, from ancient ardent explorations to modern day mischievous spirits.

With predominantly own voice artists, and content warnings before each story to help the reader decide if it’s to their taste, this collection is truly a feast, for body and soul. 

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Story details

A.C. Esguerra takes us to the high seas with fantasy Ming Dynasty pirates! A mischievous holy Emperor, pirate trickery abounds, and a poor Tailor gets his own (sexy) revenge.

Alan Capes brings us to the swamp where Shapeshifter god, Rook, sighs away their woes to fungus creature Ysthaga, who is very eager to show his appreciation.

Aiden GD Moore summons up a super sweet black magic ritual, where two lingerie clad partners summon the god Pan to lend a hand in spicing up their sex life.

Defensetrain & Paperchimes are bringing us a modern day story about two gods of weather who meet in a bar after both being banished from the heavens + sparks fly!

David Orión & Guillermo Saavedra explore the heat inside the Volcano Teide where the guanche god Guayota is trapped.

Dante Luiz & H. Pueyo are taking us to Brazil where a peasant woman thinks she’ll be sacrificed to a Jaguar deity... only to discover the man behind the mask is a god of ecstasy.

Elijah Forbes follows an urban explorer and photographer who finds (and falls for) a spirit of forgotten spaces in what should be a closed YMCA.

Ethan X. Parker spins the story of a forest sprite who takes their lover on a journey through the spirit realm, in an exploration of senses and sensuality.

Feardeer enters the Temple of Kneeling and draws an encouraging tale of a pent up disciple who prays at the shrine of Keen, a god with half bird form, to help him explore sex in different ways.

Jade Sarson takes on the four auspicious beasts myths: tiger, jellyfish, peacock and snake. Avatars who have to ‘connect’ to balance the world (if they can stop arguing long enough to do so).

Lonnie Garcia’s elegant backgrounds feature a sweet botanist, a reclusive estate owner (and secret ancient deity), a rare collection of night blooming cacti, and the sexiest consumption of dragon fruit we’ve ever seen.

Nero O’Reilly’s story is about a small-time luck deity who helps a petty thief with his heists... and all the romps they get into along the way.

Nora Scott tells of a wandering injured soldier who slips into the inbetween space where a forest creature is held prisoner. Together they find a way to escape.

Tab Kimpton gets us squeaky clean in the Roman baths, where god Vulcan shows the mortal men a thing or two about pleasure, until Venus comes along and demands they pay her husband a more fitting tribute.

V. Griffin treads familiar paths with an older pilgrim who journeys his own history. Along a path of statues he remembers each of his former lovers.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsComics, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, mythology, Queer, Romance, Transgender


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This was breathtaking. I will be buying a print version in the not-too-distant future, it's worth every penny.